About company

LLC “Imfiko” starting in 2016, holds a strong position in the market of textile products.

We offer You high-quality textile products for hotels, hostels, motels and hostels, sanatoriums, boarding houses and recreation centers, health centers, clinics and spas, fitness and yacht clubs, etc.

For You the wide range of Terry products from natural (100% cotton) fabrics differing in big color scale of shades, the sizes and density is presented.

The collection offers a wide range of colors and all kinds of sizes: manual, facial, bath and size “sauna” or beach. Here You can also buy as gift sets of several towels, and separately each size.

All colors and sizes – available in a warehouse in Moscow and Pyatigorsk.

About Production:

Quality management and a well-structured structure of a manufacturing enterprise ensures uninterrupted and timely deliveries without delays and shortages of goods.

Production is carried out on the latest equipment and modern technologies. The production uses technologies of the leading countries of the world for the production of terry products, such as Turkey.
Strict quality control reduces the reject rate to almost zero.

The use of high quality raw materials ensures the release of high-quality, environmentally friendly and safe products.

About Products:

Today, production towels of Turkmenistan enjoy great success in the Russian market. According to statistics, towels of the former union republic occupy 80% of the entire Russian market.

Russian residents, as well as the entire CIS, are very fond of towels of this manufacturer because of the high quality and very attractive prices.

Towels manufactured in Turkmenistan are not inferior in quality to world leaders in the production of textiles, such as Turkey, India, Pakistan, but at the same time have a cost that is significantly cheaper.

Towels produced by the Turkmen factory overtook in quality and price, even such a non-replaceable leader as Uzbekistan, and took firm positions in the Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and other CIS markets

1. All products are made of 100% cotton. The material of the product gives softness and pleasant tactile sensations. Fabric perfectly absorbs moisture due to the surface of natural fibers.

2. The material of the product does not fade. Dyes (Finland), which are used for the production of products hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. A feature of these dyes is the ability to maintain the original bright color, regardless of the number of washes.

3. Product safety is confirmed by world-class quality certificates and is absolutely safe.

4. The fabric is resistant to deformation, does not shrink, does not stretch, does not crumble and is not torn.

5. Special technology in the manufacture of the border on the edge allows the towel not to stretch and retain its shape even after numerous washings.

6. Using the “Ring” thread over time makes the towel more fluffy and voluminous and preserves the appearance of a new product regardless of the number of washes.